Facial Skin, neck, d├ęcolletage, hands and upper arms.

The above are all areas which are subject to loss of skin tone, and drying meaning we often see a crinkly texture in these areas.

Restylane vital light and Restylane vital are used in these areas to rehydrate this type of skin. Very small amounts of skin booster are placed just below the surface of the skin, after application of a suitable amount of anaesthetic cream for 15-20 minutes.

One treatment is not usually enough to achieve the desired effect and usually up to three consecutive treatments are given, about 4 weeks apart.

It is used to improve the skin tone on the backs of the hands, upper arms and d├ęcolletage as well as the face. These are much less dense forms of hyaluronic acid and work more by attracting fluid to the area than direct filling of a space. They can be administered in the usual way with a syringe but an alternative to this is the use of an auto-injector which delivers a very precise amount of filler to the correct area, and makes sure that every injection is exactly the same amount, thus reducing the risk of any asymmetry. Facial skin which has lost moisturisation is an ideal area for treatment with skin boosters.