Specific types of fillers are used to enhance lips. This is done with an application of local anaesthetic cream prior to the treatment. The cream is left on for 15- 20 minutes before beginning the treatment. Naturally, this is a sensitive area and because of this, the filler injected also contains local anaesthetic which helps to reduce any sensation.

Vermilion border – this is the margin between the redness of the lips and the normal skin surrounding it. This edge can be accentuated to whatever degree is required. Very often the change is so subtle that your friends and family know something is different, but cannot quite put a finger on what it is!

This is the aim of all our aesthetic treatment - small changes with far reaching effects!

There can be puffiness and swelling for a day or so immediately after the treatment in some cases but the swelling goes down very quickly. Body of the lips – upper or lower. These areas may or may not need plumping depending on how full your lips are to start with and how you would like them to look when the treatment is done.