Dermaroller treatments are used to treat ageing skin and acne scars. It is helpful for pigmented lesions. It is thought to work by stimulating collagen regrowth. Two to three treatments are required for best results. These can be spaced about four weeks apart.

The process starts with a cleansing of the face, and then local anaesthetic cream is applied. Once the skin is numb, various nutrient products are placed on the facial skin. The dermaroller is used a little like a wallpaper roller with minute titanium spikes on it to open the pores up and needle the skin to allow the products to enter the lower layers, thus allowing them to do their work.

The theory behind dermaroller treatment is that multiple minute punctures are made in the skin of the face with a small roller. It stimulates the normal healing action within the skin and causes production of new collagen by your own cells. At the same time the nutrients are automatically delivered to the beneath the skin surface. This in turn leads to stronger skin anchoring in the underlying tissues.

A dermastamp is a small area treatment tool for pigmented lesions and small localised areas needing treatment. Instead of a roller, a stamp is used repeatedly with similar titanium points, giving a similar effect to the roller except in a small area only.